is a comprehensive program that facilitates local communications between those in need and the organizations that can help them. We offer educational materials, counseling and instructions on available resources, referral services, and a network of solutions to help solve problems. When other resources are unavailable or have been exhausted, financial assistance is provided for heating, rental, utilities, mortgage, car, medical and prescription expenses.


is a program which helps displaced people who are in need of housing, short-term shelter or recovery assistance after a disaster. For a variety of reasons good people can find themselves without a secure place to live. House fires, natural disasters, unemployment and estrangement from family members are just a few of the reasons people can suddenly find themselves homeless.


is an AGAPE winter program for when temperatures are below the freezing point. This program provides warming areas, food and drinks for anyone who cannot sustain the cold winter.


is a program that provides transportation resources for people and logistical assistance for materials that can be used to help our community. This program exists to solve problems simply by getting people and materials from here to there.


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is a program dedicated to reducing hunger in our community. We provide referrals to existing food banks and pantries in our area, and we also offer supplemental meals during the week to compliment these existing food assistance programs. Many existing food bank resources throughout our region are only available on a monthly or weekly basis.

  • Back Pack Program –This program ensures that children in need have balanced, nutritious food they need to learn and grow. AGAPE has partnered with local schools to help distribute to children in need through the school system - discreetly - each Friday afternoon. Each BackPack offers enough food that children can easily prepare over the weekend. Schools we have partnered with: Benton Elementary, Columbia County Christian School, HeadStart (Town Park Village), Millville Elementary, Central Columbia Elementary, Southern Columbia Elementary and Middle School, Prime Time in Berwick, Columbia Sullivan Headstart, and food pantry at the Vo-Tech School.

  • Daily Bread Meal – Every Thursday between 10:30 and 12:30 we offer a hot meal open to the public.

  • Fresh Express – AGAPE has partnered with the Central Pennsylvania Food Bank and other local donors to offer fresh produce to residents of Columbia County. This event occurs every Thursday between 11:00 and 4:00.

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is a referral program which helps children and parents find the resources and assistance they need. This program provides resource information on parenting, childbirth, and child rearing. Our “Go Green” cloth diaper program helps to reduce the financial burden of disposable diapers.

  • Cloth Diaper Program –This program allows families to receive a free cloth diaper kit. You can make an appointment with Vicki Berlin at (570)752-1354 or visit us at Agape as a walk-in on Tuesdays from 10am to 1pm.


To change the course of at-risk children's lives by sharing the Good News, encouraging personal relationships with God, improving academic abilities, and treating each child as the person God created him/her to be.

  • Prime Time – Prime Time is a faith-based program geared towards children ages 5-12. Teens are welcome as long as they respect our rules and participate in activities. We are open Tuesdays and Thursdays from 4:00 pm - 5:30 pm whenever the public schools are in session. All sesssions are held at the Briar Creek Borough building - 6029 Park Road in Berwick. For more information contact Kim Sullivan cell-(570)814-3110


is a program that gathers and distributes goods (i.e. household items, beds, used furniture, appliances, etc.) donated by the community and programs across the United States and stores them for a rainy day. The goal of this program is to collect and store materials ahead of time so that when hardships arise, we will be prepared to aid our community.


stands for "women in need." This program provides hygiene products for all women. WIN is a partnered program by Shape of Justice & AGAPE, promoting fairness, equity, dignity and respect for all women and girls. To help them feed their families and attend their school or job, knowing their hygiene needs are taken care of.



offers encouragement and hope through spiritual counseling to those who are lost and disconnected. Daniel’s Prayer team listens to concerns and prays, upon request, for clients and their circumstances. Spiritual resources such as the Bible and other written devotionals are provided to help guide clients in their daily spiritual life.


is a program that provides educational referrals and training assistance to individuals who need specific information at pivotal points in their lives. The “right” training at the right time can help land a job, avoid a family crisis, and build a solid foundation toward a better future. sign up

  • Getting Ahead in a just gettin by world– takes you step by step through a discovery of yourself like no other. It's not just about how you got where you are now. It's also about what comes next to build the life you want. Plus, this workbook helps you develop relationships with people who will support you all along the way.

  • Getting Ahaead in the workplace– solves these challenges by helping under-resourced people build rescources and gain control over their future stories.

  • Getting Ahead while getting out– was created in response to a demand from corrections porofessionals and returning citizens for a comprehensive reentry program moeled on the existing Getting Ahead in a just getting by world curriculum, already being used in corrretional settings in five states.

  • Bridges out of Poverty– is a uniquely powerful tool designed for social, health, and legal services professionals. Based in part on Dr. Ruby K. Payne's myth-shattering 'A Framewok For Undertanding Poverty, bridges reaches out to millions of service providers. You'll find case studies, detailed analysis, helpful charts and exercises, and specific solutions you and your organization can implement righ now.

Helping HANDS


is a program activated only in case of widespread disaster throughout Columbia and Montour Counties. AGAPE houses the Columbia County Volunteer Agencies Active in Disaster (CCVOAD), and works in conjunction with FEMA, PEMA, and other local disaster relief agencies. We serve as a hub unit for Mission Central disaster kits and materials.


is a good neighbor program that aides people who are in desperate need of some minor household repairs, but are unable to perform the work without some help. With volunteer labor, we can help if an elderly widow needs her porch repaired, or if an individual becomes wheelchair bound and their home requires some adaptations.